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The Diablo 3 Games | The Best on Our PC Games List

By Jamison Jones / February 14, 2016

History of the Diablo Series Blizzard Entertainment is actually recognized typically for its Starcraft as well as Warcraft series, having said that when gaming consoles are regarded there are zero better blizzard games for PS and also X-box at that point, Diablo set. Diablo is a Third person RPG adventure pc video game along with […]


Console Games Expert Reviews

By Jamison Jones / January 11, 2016

Best Console Games Techtroid picks have Listed below the greatest pc video game in Amazon Best Sellers, surf the 100 latest leading video games to discover the very best computer game, as well as exactly what computer game other individuals are buying. IN today’s linked world, video gaming consoles do much more in comparison to […]


Review: Rayman 3 HD

By Jamison Jones / March 24, 2012

It may sound clichéd, but playing Rayman 3 HD really brought this writer back to the old days. I’m talking of the times where the days would stretch on forever. The times where you had to make one game last you for weeks because you didn’t have the money to buy anymore. That was ten […]