Confessions of a Gamer – Episode 1

Confessions of a Gamer – Episode 1: “I’m not ready for next-gen”

A bi-weekly column about a gamer and his deepest secrets.

The next-generation of gaming is looming over our heads like a dormant atom bomb, methodically waiting for a chance to detonate. Code names are being thrown at us left and right, release dates hinted at, specs are being leaked, and even anti-used game sensors have been made public; deviously equipped to combat the used game market. It feels like any moment, Microsoft or Sony are going to drop their “Durango” or “Orbis” and as I sit here playing Battlefield 3 on my PS3, I can’t say I’m ready for this new console invasion.  Not just yet.

There are several reasons why I feel this way and I wouldn’t be surprised if I wasn’t the only one. But before we dive into that, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page here.  In case you’ve been living under a rock, rumors of the next Xbox, codenamed “Durango”, have run rampant all over the internet. Just recently, Kotaku broke the news on what sources are calling, the next-generation Playstation; codenamed “Orbis.”  Apparently Sony’s new console is capable of displaying 4k resolution, far exceeding HDTVS today, and it’s slated for a Holiday 2013 release.

So why am I not ready?

Okay, let’s break it down.


Since 2009, I’ve been relentlessly pumping money into my PS3 in the form of software, accessories and gadgets. It’s the entertainment hub in my living room and an essential part of my sanity. I can only imagine the amount of money people have invested since the 2007 launch so I know how you feel. The Playstation Vita released and I got that too. Come fall 2013, I don’t think I’ll be able to afford another Playstation console. Of course I can come up with the money but affording something and buying something are two completely different things; adults can back me up on this one. I still see myself playing Uncharted 3 and Battlefield 3 well into 2012, including the games of 2012, so I’m not done with this gen and I refuse to conform!  Sony will try its absolute hardest to make the “Orbis” affordable by pricing it slightly lower than the PS3’s launch price; I can almost see it now:

The Playstation Orbis! Your new experience will only cost you $549.99!

Silence drowns the crowd at E3 as Kaz Hirai adjusts his collar in complete humiliation.

The Games:

There are many games that are highly-anticipated that don’t even have a release date yet! What about The Last of Us? The game is rumored to be released later this year, other rumors point to an early 2013 release. How does this new console fit into this mold? The PS3 still has a lot of life left and until they fully max out the PS3, I’m in no rush for any new console. Same goes for the Xbox 360 and its Kinect investment.

Is it Worth the Change?

We all recognize the gargantuan technical leap that the PS3 made from the PS2 era. It was astonishing. Can we really expect that kind of change from these new consoles? This early? It seems highly improbable given the fact that this generation was born HD, what are they going to do? Mega HD?

There is no doubt that the games will graphically look stunning and even better than they do now but is that really enough to warrant an entirely new console with an entirely new library as well as a brand new ecosystem of “next-gen” products? How “next-gen” can we get?

Gut Feeling:

I’m just not ready. I’m having too much fun with this gen and I find it immensely preposterous to go out and spend $500 on new console that improves upon things I can barely notice? I’m sure there are others who are psyched about this whole thing, the whole “bring on the next-gen” crowd; I know you guys are out there.  Now, I know no one is forcing me to get the next box and whatnot but when you start hearing rumors like the “Orbis” not supporting backward compatibility, it really makes you think. Is this machine, I’m playing Battlefield 3 on, going to become obsolete within the next year or so? I’m just not ready…

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