GTA V Rumours Suggest Possible Returning Characters

Rockstar let GTA V out of the bag last October and since then we’ve had one, just one, official trailer and a mountain load of fan rumours.

GTA V rumours are nothing new to the gaming scene. We get new ones every week (most are fake)… however, this one just caught my attention for a split second.

A third party Grand Theft Auto blog has shed light on a number of supposedly real, but unannounced, characters and story plots.

Firstly, according to the blog, GTA V’s main character will be a wealthy and successful man named ‘Chico Vialpando’. Vialpando is in his 20′s and is also described to be a chick magnet.

The third party blog also claims that Chico Vialpando, our main character, gets introduced to a Tony Cipriani, yes the same Tony Cipriani from Grand Theft Auto III. It’s only when Vialpando meets Cipriani does the story plot really take you on a ride to hell and back again.

You’re still with me? Well, here is the really good part. Also mentioned in the blog is a Leo Johnson, who is apparently the son of Carl Johnson (CJ) from GTA: San Andreas. It turns out that Leo Johnson and our GTA V main character, Chico Vialpando, are cousins. Johnson is apparently looking to continue his fathers (CJ’s) legacy in the crime world and prove himself to Vialpando.

The blogger claims that their information has come directly from a Take-Two employee.

What do you think about all this?

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