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Top 5 Next-Gen Features that Gamers Have Taken for Granted

By Jamison Jones / June 19, 2012

As this generation of gaming comes to a withering close, with all of its antics and shallow promises, it’s fair to say that we gamers have grown as much as gaming has grown. From the Xbox and PS2 era to the HD surge that graces our consoles today, how much have we changed since then? […]


Top 5 Most Overlooked Games of 2012 will be…

By Jamison Jones / March 28, 2012

Last year we were treated with some of the most incredible and innovative games to ever grace our consoles; from the likes of Uncharted 3 to the highly-reviewed Skyrim. It was a relentless barrage of great games raining down on us poor gamers as we held up our wallets for protection. It was easily one of the greatest […]